Product review: 4Team’s – Calendar sharing software

If you’re looking for a solution to share your Microsoft Outlook calendar with someone else on another computer, look no further.  I’ve worked with Google calendar sync which only recently became compatible with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, but it is not currently compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows as of the writing of this article.  Although Google is free, there is no support and I’ve encountered several instances where we needed support through Google to fix something on their end, but there is no luck getting Google on the phone or to respond to an email request.  Because of this I stopped using Google calendar sync and I’ve switched from using which is owned by Google and started my own WordPress blog  (this website).

Below is a video on a product review I did on 4Team’s calendar sharing program which I found to be an excellent program that automates the calendar sharing process, and they have support available that is very knowledgable and helpful.