Problem Steps Recorder – Easily help your tech to help you

Help me, help you!  This is exactly what this program (PSR) Problem Steps Recorder does.   It’s built into Windows 7 and I’ve made a video you can see on my Youtube channel:

Anytime you’re having an issue doing something and you want to document all the steps to give to your technician, rather than documenting them manually and taking screen shots separately, just use this software.  Click on your start button (The pearl which used to be your start button in previous versions of Windows, then type “PSR” without the quotes.  Press enter and it launches the program.

My video demonstrates it best, but you just have to click the button that says “Start Record” and do your thing.  As you come across steps you’d like to highlight for your technician to see, just click “Add Comment” in the PSR window and you can click and drag your mouse to highlight an area of your screen to make it stand out.  Then click in the comments box to write your comments.  Please be as descriptive as you can to help but don’t worry if you can’t explain things, that what the screen shots are for.

When you’re done with the program, simply click “Stop Record” and it will ask you where you want to save your ZIP file.  You can then email that ZIP file to your friend or technician asking for help.