Price comparisons on Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7

Some stores are really making huge profits in software sales and there’s some details you need to know about.  Right off the bat, I can tell you, that I can sell any version of Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 2010 for less than my major competitors including Staples and Best Buy and that’s including the installation disks.  The big concern is that these are huge companies and I’m just a little company and I have less buying power to get better purchase prices, but yet I can still sell for less and make a profit!  Holly crap!  How much are these guys marking up their products?

Here’s a comparison chart for you based on todays prices.  The Windows software license always comes with CD’s when sold seperately, but Office software can be sold with or without a CD and the price varies greatly!  With Twinbytes, we can sell you the license and help you download the softare and make a disk for you at no extra charge.  Normally, Best Buy will charge more to install it for you which you are still without a disk.  We’ll make the disk and not charge.  Much cheaper than buying one that comes with the disk.  Check it out below.  Best Buy, Future Shop & Staples prices are within $1 difference, basically the same

Windows 7 Home                       $132                     |             $229
Windows 7 Pro                           $176                      |            $249
Windows 7 Ultimate                 $237                      |            $349

Office 2010 Home & Student       $139 with CD   |     $129 no CD, $159 with CD
Office 2010 Home & Business      $260 with CD   |    $249 no CD, $349 with CD
Office 2010 Professional               $505 with CD    |    $469 no CD, $669 with CD

If you’re local to Markham, Ontario, checkout and contact us to order or if you have any questions regarding this or other technology.