Nothing new….threats on Facebook!

If you’re following me on my Facebook fan page you’ll already know about this.
Many scams on Facebook that appear to be links that your friend posted on your wall telling you to click to watch this video of Bin Laden getting beaten up. Other videos like that which sounds interesting enough to click on.
I would love to have watched that video, but ofcourse it was fake and I had to click it!!! So I found out the video doesn’t work, it just loops you back to the same page you were at in another window. Now I’ve probably gotten my Facebook account hijacked. So I reset my password, told my friend that appears to have posted the link to change their password because they’ve probably been hacked, and I deleted the post that they put on my wall. Or at least it looked like it was them.
When I emailed them asking, they confirmed that they didn’t post that on my wall so obviously their account was hacked.
Everyone I know is on facebook now. OK, my mom and dad aren’t, but whatever, you know what I mean. What I’m saying is BE CAREFUL PEOPLE! THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CLICK ON SOMETHING ENTICING.  With that said, click here to see the real video of Bin Laden getting beaten… 🙂
P.S. If you have a Mac (Apple), DON’T BE IGNORANT! Almost everyone says Mac’s don’t get viruses. WRONG! Macs do get viruses, they just don’t get them from sitting online doing nothing like a PC can. A PC can just have a cable plugged in or connect to a hot spot, don’t open email, don’t open a browser, just connect to the Internet and bang! You’re infected. A Mac on the other hand has to click on a link in an email or on a website.