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Is there a quick way to find out if someone has put a key stroke tracker on a laptop?

Key Stroke trackers are called KeyLoggers and they are nasty viruses infections that track keystrokes on your computer and as you log into a bank account or any secure website, this program records your login and password as you type it. Even though the password is all star symbols so you can’t see it, the program records the keys that are pressed.

So how do you know it’s installed on your computer? You don’t really. There is no100% guaranteed way to get all viruses, malware, etc off your computer without doing a format and a fresh install of everything! Some of these nasty infections will mask themselves as a critical system file, so you would never think to delete that file. The best ones are the ones that are completely untraceable and all you can do is format your hard drive.

Is there something that can be done without formatting the hard drive? Yes. You can certainly scan your computer with various programs and take some precautions. Here is a list of things that can be done. Please note the details for each depend on the version of Windows you have, the version of what program you have and the particular infection you have will show up differently. Also, none of these methods are guarenteed to remove the keylogger, since there are no obvious since of it being on your computer, there will most likely be no obvious signs of it being found and removed from your computer with these methods.

1. Ensure your computer is completely up to date with the latest Windows updates
2. Delete all temporary files on your computer.
3. Ensure you have a working anti-virus / anti-spyware program that is up to date and doing daily scans.
4. Ensure you have a working, up to date firewall.
5. Run a couple free anti-malware / anti-spyware programs like Spybot and Malwarebytes.
6. Run HiJackThis. You will need to be familiar with the coding and how to read the results.

After all of this, if you find infections and remove them, there is still no 100% guarantee that all infections are gone, since the best ones can run in stealth mode. A good technician can search through the log files on your computer, read into HiJackThis better, etc. but still, a well made virus can slip through the cracks of the best technician out there.

After you’ve done everything you can, and you’re still feeling uneasy about your computer being infected. Backup everything, format the hard drive, install everything fresh including all updates, etc before restoring your files from backup.