Introduction to Linux Ubuntu 11.10

If you are a Windows user and have been thinking about switching to a Mac for reasons of more stability, security and less viruses, you might want to check out this video below on Linux Ubuntu.  It’s a free alternative to Mac and Windows and best of all, it runs on Windows type hardware so you are not stuck with expensive Mac hardware.

This video is not meant for experienced Linux users or technicians.  This is meant for users that know little about computers and want to learn about this new alternative which can save them alot of hassle and money with a more secure and stable system at a fraction of the cost of a Windows or Apple computers.

This video shows Ubuntu 11.10 which is only one of many versions of Ubuntu.  There are versions like Red Hat which you can download and buy from and they offer full support on this product. is where you can download the free Ubuntu from and you can purchase a support package from them as well if you choose to.  Although it’s nice to have a local technician that can support Linux, and that’s what I can help you with if you live around Markham, Ontario Canada. will give you lots of information about Linux in general.  If you want to see a list of various Linux versions available, click this link:

Linux may not be 100% ready for business users, but for personal use, it’s perfect, unless you’re a gamer and many Windows based games won’t play on Linux.  But then again, there are ways around the issue with Linux software such as and   Some printers may not be compatible and networking file sharing might be a challenge, but again, for personal use, it’s most likely not something you’ll be doing and so it is a non issue.

On the plus side, many things are going to the “cloud”.  All online based, which means, no installing any software on the computer, which means, you can use Linux no problem, because all you need is Internet access.

Community support from and articles like this and videos like I made for you above, all help make the transition to Linux that much easier.

If you’re interested in Getting your computer converted to Ubuntu, or have a new one built for you, contact me via and ask for a quote.