ie9 appearance and Tracking Protection Lists

Microsoft has come out with their latest browser ie9 RC (Internet Explorer 9) Release Candidate.

With all the privacy issues online and websites spying on you, reading your browsing history, etc. there’s a growing need for more privacy online.  Microsoft’s latest browser has a feature for tracking protection.  Here we’ll show you how to enable the tracking list protection, but first we need to show you how to customize your new browser, since it’s very different.

You may notice tool bars missing and moved around.  Here’s how easy it is to get it back to how you had it previously.
Right click on the top of the brower window, just above the address bar.  A quick menu will appear.  Click on “Show tabs on a seperate row”  and immediately your browser will start to look like it did before.  You’ll notice the tabs are below the address bar now instead of trying to squish in beside it.
Right click again and select “Favorites bar” and “Status bar” to get your old setup again.  If you also prefer the old command bar which gave you the Print, Page, Safety and Tools options, right click and select “Command bar”.
Two other features you might want to enable that are not on by default:
1. Now that you have your familiar look again, here’s a couple settings to change.  Click on the gear icon, click “Internet Options” and then click on the privacy tab.  Check the option “Never allow websites to request your physical location”.
2. This new tracking protection list sounds great, but please note, when you install ie9, it is not enabled by default.  You need to click on the icon of the gear, click Safety, then click Tracking Protection.  You will see “Your personalized list” and it is disabled.  Click on it to highlight those words then click “enable” in the bottom right corner of that window.  This will enable only your personalized tracking list which by default has some websites you’ve visited previously.  To download a predefined list, check out the list of protection lists available at
You may notice you’ll need to click the “compatibility view” icon for certain webpages to work properly.  For example, my WordPress blog doesn’t work properly unless I enable compatibility view.
One major downfall for this for business is that links will be hidden now for Google adwords so we can’t get paid for Google ads anymore since they are simply not displayed.  Also, links to like our Facebook page, follow on Twitter, re-tweet, or or useful links for sharing information which greatly helps businesses.  This will all be disabled.
I expect to see a drop in residual income via Google Ads when more people start using this tracking protection.
If you’re not sure what certain buttons are in the new browser, just hover the mouse over them for a second (do not click) and you’ll see a tool tip appear describing what the button is for.