How to restore computer to factory settings

There’s a generic procedure in how to get your computer back to factory settings, and if you take the time to read your options carefully, you can most likely figure it out yourself if you follow these basic steps.

First, a system restore to factory settings is different from a Windows restore which restores your computer to a different point in time without losing any data.  Restoring to factory settings means exactly that, it restores it to exactly how it was when you puchased the computer, with no data, no other programs, all your personalized settings are gone.  So backup all your stuff first, and don’t forget to write down your settings for email and any other programs that you need to know special settings for since you will need to set this all up again.

Now, the procedure…
1. Backup data, write down settings (we already spoke about this, but it is an official step you can’t forget)
2. When you first press the power button on your computer, you need to start pressing a certain key to get started.  This key is different for some makes and models of various computers.  Best bet is to lookup your specific model, but you could always guess from the following: F8, F10, F11, F12, CTRL + F12, CTRL +F11.  Do a search for “what function key to press for [insert your computer model name here]”
3. If you hit the correct key combo in step 2, you will have a screen with an option to restore factory settings.  If you had to choose F8 you might see an option to repair computer.  If you don’t have an option “repair computer”, then you need to choose one of the other options.  If none of these options work, you may not have a built in system restore point and you will need to use CDs/DVDs that either came with your computer when you bought it, or you created them when you first got the comptuer.  If you don’t have those either, you’re going to have to contact your local tech expert for assistance or call the manufacturer and order restore disks.
4. If you get the system restore option via F10 through F12 options, it should be straight forward answering a couple questions to continue and agree and move on.  If you choose F8, you select repair computer.  Then you get another list of options and one of the options should be “restore to factory settings” or some wording to that effect.  The process is usually 100% fully automated and you don’t have to do anything until it prompts you at the very end to start answering some customizing questions which will greatly depend on the make/model of your computer.  Regardless of what options you choose, you will have your computer up and running again.  Success!