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How to clean up your hard drive

A simple solution to some major problems I’ve fixed in the past is by simply clearing up your hard drive a bit. I was emailed a question how how to clean up the hard drive and here’s my tip for you.

1. Run Add/Remove programs and uninstall any program you no longer need or use. The less programs you have, the less chances of compatibility issues causing sporadic issues and slowness of the computer.
2. Delete temporary files:
In Windows XP delete files in C:WindowsTemp and C:Documents and SettingsYOUR-ACCOUNT-NAMELocal SettingsTemp
in Vista and Windows 7 delete files in C:WindowsTemp and C:UsersYOUR-ACCOUNT-NAMEApp DataLocalTemp
(If you don’t see those files – you need to make the folders visible)
To make the folders visible, open the computer window and go in your C drive:
In Windows XP click Tools and Options. Under the “View” tab, click on to show hidden files.
In Vista and Windows 7 click Organize folder and search options. Under the view tab, click show hidden files.
3. After you’ve removed unneccessary programs and deleted temporary files, do a disk defrag. In Vista and Windows 7 it is supposed to be done autmatically by default on a schedule. If Windows XP is your Operating System, go through start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk defragmenter.

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