Find Internet Explorer in Windows 10

If you upgraded to Windows 10 and found you are forced to use Microsoft’s new web browser (Edge) Small-Edgeand aside from maybe just not liking it, or not wanting to get used to it, you want or even need the old Internet ExplorerSmall-ie.  You can still get it back very easily.  In fact, it was never gone, it is just hidden.  Here’s how to make IE11 visible again in Windows 10.


  1. Click the Start Button and type in “internet explorer”
  2. You will see the familiar blue e with the gold ring around it.  Right click on the icon and select “ping to start”
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 again this time when you right click select “ping to taskbar” if you want it have it in the taskbar as well as the start menu.
  4. If you only want it in the task bar and not the start menu, search again like step 1 but when you right click on the icon select “unpin from start”.
  5. That’s it!  You can search for anything to pin or unpin from start menu or taskbar.