Essential Service: Keeping You Working During COVID-19

TwinBytes is an essential service according to the list released by the Province of Ontario. You might be questioning why that is and disagree, however there are some very good reasons why IT professionals are essential during  this global health crisis

TwinBytes falls under #14 on the provincial list:

Businesses engaged in providing or supporting Information Technology (IT) including online services, software products and related services, as well as the technical facilities such as data centres and other network facilities necessary for their operation and delivery

Why IT is an Essential Service

Many people are working from home right now, which means they have moved their office set-up to a home office away from their traditional workplace. Many have to conduct meetings, training sessions and client calls using different platforms and systems than they are used to. There will be, and has been a lot of troubleshooting  getting this going for many

In order to keep as many people working as possible, IT professionals are needed. While many stores, spas, salons, etc, have closed, many offices can still run with employees working remotely. It’s important that many companies keep running during the crisis to keep unemployment from falling further and the economy going, while self-isolating and practicing social distancing.

How can IT work when people are social distancing?

While we are an essential service, keeping your systems and networks running during this crisis, we recognize that many people do not want to be closer than 6-feet from other people right now. You probably don’t want someone else touching your keyboard and mouse right now (see our previous blog about sanitizing these things).  Luckily, most issues can be resolved remotely, so call or email us your problem and we can work on a solution that will hopefully require little to no contact. Please do not show up at our door unannounced at this time. It’s best to communicate in other ways before hand.

Working from home?

Check out our latest YouTube video on the subject!

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