EarnSubscribers.com test

Earnsubscribers.com is up in the air whether it is a scam or not.  I created a new email address to create a new Youtube account, which I followed all the steps as depected below to gain 1,000 subscribers.  I created the account today, October 14th, 2010 and did the steps on earnsubscribers.com today as well.  Let’s see how many subscribers I get how soon, and if my account gets hacked, which wouldn’t matter because there’s nothing on that channel. After subscribing to the 10 Youtube accounts requested in the instructions, I was asked to do a survey as you can see in the images below, but there were no surveys, I just click OK, OK, OK, OK, OK and that’s it.

My Youtube test account is www.youtube.com/twintest11 .  Please DO NOT subscribe to that channel.  I only want to see what subscribers I get from earnsubscribers.com if any.  I am only sharing my channel with you so you can see if I have subscribers or not.  If this work, I should have 1,000 subscribers in about a month from now, which is November 13th, 2010.