Digeus Registry Cleaner – review

I have been asked to review Digeus registry cleaner.  What I did was first run a scan and clean with the popular CCleaner and removed a ton of stuff.  Then I ran a scan with Digeus Registry Cleaner and guess how many registry enties I found that were recommended to be removed?  2,232 entires!  Wow!  Ofcourse with the trial version, you can only remove 5 of those.  It’s not that expensive to buy, and you usually get what you pay for.

Not everyone will notice the same results with the various speeds in processors, wear and tear on hard drives, etc. but every little bit of edge you can get to keep your computer running at optimal speed will help.  The longer you can keep your computer before upgrading, the more money you save.

Remember, I already ran the free CCleaner software, then I ran Digeus.  I was able to successfully remove all problems.  First, I ran a benchmark test with Novabench and I got a score of 448.  After removing the problems Digeus found, I had a benchmark score of 479.  That’s an increase of 31 points which is a 6.9% increase in performance.  It might not sound like alot to some of you, but considering I’m a technician who keeps my system pretty clean, and I had already ran another registry cleaner before Digeus, this is pretty cool results!  Give it a try and post your before and after results below.

Here is brief information about our Product:

Digeus Registry Cleaner speeds up your computer by
cleaning errors in your Windows. It removes the junk that accumulates in your
Windows Registry, fixes Windows errors which results in speeding up your
computer. With Digeus Registry Cleaner you just need a few mouse clicks and
your computer will become as good as a brand new one.

Key features:
* Removes unused and invalid entries
* Speeds up boot up time
* Fixes Windows errors which results in speeding up your computer
* Eliminates BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
* Invaluable when your system starts crashing, hangs, freezes and works slow
* This is one of the most popular registry cleaners on the Internet

Here are links to screenshots of Digeus Registry Cleaner:

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