Did you know: Microsoft Windows 7 scam

OK, maybe it’s not a scam but check this out. Did you know that if you purchase a Windows 7 Home or Pro and you want Ultimate for example, it only allows you to install the one version of Windows that it says on the disk. But, if you edit that disk, you can unlock it to find that all versions of Windows 7 are on that disk! Yes, that’s right. Windows 7 starter, Home basic, home premium, Professional and Ultimate editions are all on the same disk. So why do we pay more money to get the Ultimate edition, when you can just buy the Starter edition (which is the cheapest) and Ultimate is already on that disk (which is the most expensive)? We already have it on the disk. It’s easier for them to just create millions of copies of the same disk, but just change a single setting that forces you to have only that edition. ┬áSure it saves them time, but if they’re doing that anyway, they are obviously only charging more for different editions because they can, not because it takes more effort to burn that disk.

Still reading? OK, there’s a great article at http://www.askvg.com/how-to-choose-desired-windows-7-edition-version-during-setup/ which has pictures and details about this and it works. As a technician, I need to have multiple copies of all versions of Windows incase a customer loses their disk, or they bought a computer that doesn’t come with a disk. Anyway, this trick doesn’t allow pirating of Windows. It simple allows us to get a copy of all versions Windows 7 to install, but you still need to have a license key. The license is what costs the big differences in price. But all it is are a bunch of numbers on a sticker. Costs maybe 50 cents or so to put together a sticker for them, but they charge hundreds of dollars for it.

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t encourage or promote pirating of software in any way. ┬áPirating software is illegal, just like theft from a store.