Computer won’t power on [solution]

If the computer won’t power on, here’s a simple solution you can check yourself first before taking your computer in for repair.

Many power supplies now have a power switch on the back.  Normally you turn your computer on using the power switch on the front of the computer, but if there is a power problem from a storm or something, your power supply may have turned itself off to protect the rest of the computer.

If you look at the back of your computer, you may see a toggle switch and it could be turned to ‘0’ for off.  Flick it over to ‘1’ to turn it back on, give it 10 seconds approximately for the juice to start flowing through the computer again, then trying turning it on using the power button as normal.  If it works, crack open a cold one and celebrate!  If it still doesn’t work, you might need a new power supply, which is not all that expensive anyway.

There’s still a possibility of the computer not powering on if it is plugged into a power bar and the powerbar is the problem.  I’ve seen some people with a powerbar plugged into another powerbar, three times even.  This is not only too much to troubleshoot, but it’s also a fire hazard.  Try plugging directly into the wall if it isn’t already.  Or try plugging into another outlet or plug something else in that outlet to see if it gets power.