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Common IT issues in Offices

common IT issues

As a computer specialist in Markham, TwinBytes helps a lot of business clients with common IT issues. Office computer problems can range from the mundane to the extraordinary. We can often help client’s remotely, but we will also go on-site to assist clients with tricky problems that need to be taken care of in person.

While there will always be unusual computer problems that will arise, here are a few examples of the most common IT issues in workplaces:

Common IT issues at work:

  1. Password lock-outs – This one is probably one of the most common computer problems that staff request assistance for. Logging into your email or network is a pretty common exercise, but it can be extremely frustrating when it doesn’t work. Systems are often designed to lock users out after three failed attempts to log in. Most often, this failures have to do with something silly, such as the caps-lock button being left on when typing in sensitive passwords.
  2. Deleted files – Sometimes a slip of a finger or a wrong move can result in some important files being deleted. Many employees end up having to call for technical support to recover these files!
  3. Computer running sloooooow – Company computers are often loaded with files! Not to mention all the crucial programs they must have running for the whole work day! Many complaints have to do with how slow the system is running upon turning it on in the morning. Computer systems can run slow for a variety of reasons, so IT often has to troubleshoot to discover what’s causing the lag.
  4. Printer issues – Though many offices have gone paperless, there are still items that need to be printed out. In some cases, the computer might not be paired with a printer in the office, in other cases the employee might be selecting the wrong printer. It could also be the printer – either jammed, out of ink or something else entirely!
  5. Internet is running slooooow! – It’s not always the whole the computer, but the internet that is running slow. Sometimes slower internet is caused by too many tabs open with too many ads running, but there are other possible reasons, as well.

If you’re having any of the above issues or more, you can always reach out to TwinBytes in Markham! We can help you remotely or on-site. Call today at (905) 471-5904.