Blackberry sync and Outlook 2010 issue resolved

If you are considering upgrading your Microsoft Office software to the new 2010 version and you are using a Blackberry which you synchronize to Outlook, you might want to consider this.  It doesn’t work out of the box.  If you already have the Blackberry configured on your computer to a previous version of Outlook and you upgrade to 2010, you are fine.  However, if you need to uninstall Office for any reason, or have a new computer you are putting the Blackberry on, good luck.  You’ll probably find you get the error message “No available message stores” when you go to configure syncronization.  If it is already setup, you’ll get the message if you go to configure the Blackberry under the Advanced option.

I had version 5 of the Blackberry desktop manager.  I upgraded to 6.0 soon as it was availble and this fixed the problem.  Download the latest version of Blackberry desktop manager from