Back-to-School Tech

Whether you’re going back to class in person or online for 2021, you will need some back-to-school tech to support your education. From laptops to smart clocks to ear buds to software, check out our quick list of tech that will get your through the semester.

Back-to-School Tech for 2021

Laptops & Tablets

When it comes to computers, portability is key. A powerful, but lightweight  laptop or tablet is just the thing you need to start school off right. Smaller laptops or tablets are great because they can be easily slide into a backpack. Make sure you buy one that can support the programs you need for school. If you’re going for a tablet, look for one with a keyboard attachment to make typing easier.

Smart Alarm Clock

Sure, you could use your phone, but smart alarm clocks have extra features that make them the kind of back-to-school tech you need in your life. Ideal for university students, smart clocks can set recommended alarms based on your class schedule, allowing you extra sleep on those days you have later classes.

Wireless Ear Buds

Study in peace with a pair of wireless ear buds. Play some calming music while you read or blast some favourite tunes between classes. They also work great for online school, so you don’t have to disturb your household while you listen to your teacher or professor.

Virtual notebooks

If you prefer to take notes the old fashioned way with a pen and paper, but still want a digital copy, a digital notepad is a great hybrid solution. Using a special erasable pen, take notes them upload them using your phone or tablet. This makes it easy to share and organize your notes when your studying or preparing for a test or exam.

Word processing software

Though it’s 2021, and there are plenty of online options, you will still likely need Microsoft Word to write essays and assignments. It’s still the gold standard when it comes to word processing software. Get a digital subscription that renews on a yearly basis.

What are you buying this year for school? Most stores have back-to-school tech sales on now, so check your local stores and online.

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