AVG update takes over home page and new tabs

AVG recently released an update that prompts you to install or decline.  This is for AVG Safeguard toolbar.  If you do not decline this update, it takes over your home page and you can change your homepage back continuously to what it used to be, but after you reboot, it changes right back again to AVG Safe Search as your home page.

It’s very annoying if you want your homepage to be something else.  If you accepted this and want to remove it completely, you can do so easily.

How to fix Internet Explorer home page hijacked by AVG Safe Search:

Go to your Programs and Features in the Control Panel in Windows 7 or Windows 8 and uninstall the program “AVG Safeguard Toolbar”.

Once that program is removed, change your homepage back to what it was again and change your new tab settings one last time.  Now when you reboot, you will notice it retains your settings.