AVG 2012 is released today

AVG 2012 anti-virus is released today.  It basically has the same look and feel and operates the same way.  I recommend to all my clients to update all software asap.  You can use the same old version of AVG for years and it will give you updated viruses definitions, which means, it will be able to look for new viruses.  However, it’s suggested to install the latest version of AVG each year so it can take advantage of the newer ways of scanning for infections.  Not to mention, the performance gains with the newer versions as they come out.

Here’s the new features you can expect with the 2012 version of AVG anti-virus.  Straight from www.avg.com website.

AVG Internet Security 2012 is the only security product that includes AVG Accelerator – this product component is designed to enhance, rather than compromise (by slowing a PC down), the content that users will typically spend time using online.

AVG Advisor

  • AVG Advisor is a new proactive service that monitors the computer and advises the user with solutions for various problems the computer has. Research indicates that users often have browsers open for many hours (as many as 15-24 hours at a time) without knowing that these applications are constantly consuming the available memory of the PC.
  • Over time, available memory is reduced to a low level and this causes a computer to slow down.
  • Advises “Overuse of memory” by Internet browsers
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer only.)
  • Prompts “overuse of memory” by Internet browsers
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer only.)
  • Can be manually turned off.
  • Managed via a link from the pro-active pop-up, which opens advanced settings in tray notification.

AVG Accelerator

  • AVG Accelerator maximizes computer connectivity to deliver content faster.
  • Less time is spent waiting for videos and other content-rich files to download.
  • Supports Flash Videos and some other content-rich files – (additional target file types will be added in subsequent releases).
  • On by default, setting can be managed in advanced settings.

Enhanced Features

  • Footprint & performance is improved throughout.
  • Fewer processes, less memory usage, faster boot time, the AVG 2012 technology proposition is focused on actually speeding up your PC as it protects.
  • Web security is improved
  • Enhances the detection of evasive web threats.
  • User Interface (UI) reorganized for a more intuitive look and feel.
  • Several UI components have been grouped together to reduce number of components in overview.
  • There is also the addition of default settings for advanced the “Identity Protection settings” dialogue.
  • AVG has fixed notification about logged in users in the restart request dialogue and the “Ignore the state of this component” option is now only available from advanced settings.
  • Anti-Rootkit performance is now better so that detection of malware hidden deep in the OS can be found — as well as added support for anti-rootkit exceptions.

Other New Features

  • Added reset button for Anti-Spam statistics.
  • Extended statistics of SharePoint document scanner component.
  • Extended statistics of VSAPI and antivirus transport agents components.
  • Added the option to switch off scan of outbound emails in VSAPI plug-in.

Daniel Gauthier is a computer repair consultant/guru with Twinbytes Inc. You can hire Twinbytes to perform these services via www.twinbytes.ca or call 905-471-5904