Apple Vs. Windows, who needs repairs more often?

Apple vs. Windows.  There’s obviously more computer repair shops for Micrsoft Windows than there are for Apple computers.  But Microsoft also has more market share too.  So you can’t compare directly like this who has repairs more often.  You need to break it down by market share, do a little math and figure it out.  Let’s walk through this together.

Oh, and before we get started, this is not meant to be an attack on Apple, but instead, it’s to educate those ignorant people thinking Apple is better that Microsoft without backing up their thinking on this.  I think you’ll be in for a rude awakening here by the time you read this through.  Statistics for market shares pulled from and the other statistics for repairs are calculated by TwinBytes Inc.

Current market shares as of September 2011 according to

Windows 78.3%
Mac 9.6%
Linux 2.2%
iOS 5.5%
Android 3.3%
Other 1.2%

Current stats on Google for how many times the following keywords are searched for each month as of the writing of this article:

apple repair = 201,000
pc repair = 1,500,000

Basic math…
1,500,000 x 13.4% = 201,000

Therefore 13.4% of people search Google for Apple repair versus PC repair.  I think we can all agree on this so far.  Let’s continue.

Since apple currently owns close to 13% of market share, these numbers are relative.  You see, if you Apple had 50% market share they may both have close to 50% share in search results for repairs, according to these statistics.
Therefore, people search online just as often for apple repairs as they do for PC repairs, relative to the number of computers sold by that vendor.  You just don’t hear about it as much because Apple has only 9.6% market share.

OK, so now that we know how often people search for what, let’s gather more information.

Apple is 9.6% market share and 13.4% searches for apple repairs.
Windows is 78.3% market share and 86.6% searches for PC repairs.

So, Apple has about 4% more searches for repairs compared to their market share
Windows has about 8% more searches for repairs compared to their market share
Now, with that said, Windows has about 8 times mores market share but has only 2 times as many searches for repairs.  You could say, with these statistics, more people search for apple repairs than they do for pc repairs.  Which means maybe we could possibly safely say, that apples require more repairs than PCs?

(Keep reading below this chart)

Statistics for Apple and Microsoft market shares

You see, you could say, apple needs only 201,000 repairs versus 1,500,000 with Windows, or if you look at it relatively speaking, and compairing the ratio of repairs on the equipment to how many sold, it almost turns the tables.

Taking a look at it by operating system rather than vendor name:
33,100 monthly Google searches for OX X repair (One of Apple’s latest operating systems)
450,000 monthly Google searches for Windows 7 repair (One of Windows latest operating systems)

Therefore about 13.6% are monthly searches for OS X repair versus Windows 7 repair.
Pretty damn close to the other search terms!  0.02% difference.  See some consistancy here?  My point being, Apple products break down just as often as PC’s according to this statistics and calculations.  Some people have Apple’s that never break down.  But guess what, some people have PC’s that never break down.

OK, let the comment wars begin!  lol…