Adding more address books in Outlook 2010

This article is in response to a question that was asked on this forum.  As a reminder, if any questions are urgent please call for support or email to schedule a service call.  So, here’s the question:

Hi there
I just loaded Outlook 2010 and note that I cannot get it to see all my address books when I’m creating an email.
In 2007, I had Contacts that was empty but it had sub address books and I could ensure that they all got recognised by the email client. I did this to ensure that I would not have to copy all my contacts onto the iphone.
Can you tell me how to recognise al these address books in 2010 please?
Cheers and Happy Christmas

And the answer (Solved):

In Microsoft Outlook 2010, to add an address book in the first place, you can right click on your Outlook folder (Above the Inbox, Sent, etc folders) and click on “New folder”.  Then a pop up window should appear.  Type in a name for what you want to call your address book (ie. Personal, Business, suppliers, vendors, etc.).  In the drop down menu below for “Folder Contains”, select “Contact Items”.  Click OK and you now have a new address book.

To include an address book to be available for email lookup, if it’s not already working, do the following:
Right click on that address book, click on Properties.  Next, click on the tab “Outlook Address Book”.  Put a check mark in the field “Show this field as an Outlook Address book”, click OK and that’s it.  You should now be able to see your other address book in the list of available address books to view when selecting a contact to send an email to.