5 Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

Facebook just announced a major rebrand. In stead of the company going by simply Facebook, they would rebrand as “Meta.”

While the social network will remain Facebook, the company as a whole has been renamed Meta. You may have noticed on your Instagram that it now says “by Meta.”

There are lots of reasons why companies decide to rebrand. We’re going to look at five common reasons.

5 Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

  1. You’re undergoing a major transformation – Your business is changing and your name and associated branding no longer reflects what you want to be. New branding can really change how a company is perceived.
  2. Your products and services have changed – if your business has changed and you want new branding to reflect your current offerings.
  3. Your current branding is old and outdated – Your name doesn’t have to change, but maybe your logo could use a freshening up or your website needs a redo. Rebranding isn’t always about starting fresh, sometimes it’s just about staying  so you can remain competitive.
  4. Your current branding is embroiled in controversy – This is mainly Facebook’s issue. There was and is controversy surrounding the company’s core product, so they simply renamed the company.
  5. You want to attract new customers – If your brand doesn’t stand out enough and business has gone stagnant, you might want to rebrand to attract new customers. You can reintroduce yourself to current customers and entice new ones.

What’s next for TwinBytes?

No, we aren’t rebranding – but there are changes happening. We have closed our brick and mortar shop and are operating as a virtual business. We will continue to off onsite support, as well as remote. Cheques and parcels may be sent to the following address:

TwinBytes Inc
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