5 Canadian Tech Companies

While we’re still very much so in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are things you can do to support the local economy – such as supporting Canadian tech companies.

There’s plenty of innovation happening here in Canada. Many companies stepped up when Covid started and re-tooled their manufacturing to make PPE and testing kits. But there are plenty of businesses doing exciting things that are useful to many industries and sectors.

TwinBytes is proud to be a Canadian company helping local businesses and individuals with tech support and hardware repairs.

5 Canadian Tech Companies

  1. 1Password – 1Password is software developed by Agilebits inc., but they operate under the name 1Password. There’s little know about the Toronto-based tech company, but their product is well-known. The software saves and stores passwords securely, making it so you don’t have to remember so many passwords. At TwinBytes we take security and password protection very seriously, so it’s interesting to learn more about software like this.
  2. Korbit AI – Korbit AI provides personalized online learning platforms to teach people data science and artificial intelligence. In our data-driven world, these skills will become more and more valuable in the workplace.
  3. Maple – This Canadian tech company is incredible relevant to the times. With many people fearing COVID, doctors are now looking at different ways of interacting with patients. Maple offers a platform where people can speak with medical professionals 24/7 using a phone, computer or tablet. This can reduce the number of in-person visits,  which aren’t always needed.
  4. Constellation Software Inc. – When it comes to Canadian software companies, Constellation is a giant. Based in Toronto, this tech company has created and acquired software that targets specific industries.
  5. Kinaxis – This Ottawa-based company creates software for supply chain management and sales. Covid-19 has shown us how important supply chains are and procurement management.


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