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2021 Resolutions – Tech Edition

2021 Resolutions

Are you afraid to make any 2021 resolutions? Were your 2020 resolutions a bust? You probably didn’t travel more, or get together with loved ones more. So, here at TwinBytes, we invite you to focus on your home technology for 2021. Because, if we’re all being honest, technology really helped us get through this difficult year.

Without further ado, here are our 2021 resolutions:

Connect More

If 2020 taught us anything is that in-person is just one of many ways you can connect with others. Technology really saved us this year with expanding on the possibilities when it comes to video chatting.

For 2021, at least for the first half of the year, we will have to continue to connect in this way. But we don’t have to stop. In 2021 and beyond, make a point of checking in on loved ones far and wide more often. We often blame our busy lives for why we can’t, so it’s time to make more time.

Video chat platforms allow us to see each other and talk, but it also let us play games together, open gifts, sing happy birthday, watch concerts and have meetings.

Keep it up!

Think about Upgrading your Home Internet

If you’re working from home,  you probably noticed your home internet package just wasn’t cutting it. Maybe you put off solving the issue to the new year. Well, it’s nearly 2021! So, one of your 2021 resolutions should be to reevaluate your internet package.

You might need a business package, or to switch providers entirely. Talk to us at TwinBytes to get expert, unbias advice on what you should do to solve networking issues.

Reevaluate your Data Plan

If you’re home more and out and about less, you might not need the lofty data plan you have on your smart devices. While you might need some data, if you’re in Wi-Fi most of the time, contact your mobile provider and change your package. You can always add more data later for travelling or for when you go back to normal activity. But for now, you can probably save some money by lowering your data plan.

Learn something new

Did you know that TwinBytes posts weekly tutorials on YouTube? We teach you simple things about programs and systems you likely have or use already. Watching these short videos is completely free! Subscribe to our YouTube channel today to never miss an upload!

Here is our latest video!

Happy New Year from TwinBytes – your local IT business in Richmond Hill, Ontario!