2020 Gift Guide From TwinBytes

As the year is drawing to a close and the holidays are fast approaching, here is our 2020 gift guide to help you finish up that last minute shopping. Technology has help many of us get through this difficult year, but there are still items and accessories out there to make 2021 even better!

TwinBytes’ 2020 gift guide


We face many challenges this year, but we did what we could to get through it. To help your friends and loved ones thrive in this new normal, here are some practical tech related gift ideas to consider this holiday season.

1. New Office Chair for Home

Maybe of your have been working for home since March. You’ve likely been making due with your current set-up, which might not be ergonomically correct. If your loved one has been using a kitchen chair for the past nine months, give them the gift of a proper office chair. Check out our blog from earlier for suggestions.

2. New laptop with Quality Webcam

Video chatting became THE way to communicate during 2020. Whether it was a work meeting, a family chat or a games night, if you had a web cam on your computer, tablet or phone, you could connect. If your loved one is using an ancient computer or a tablet that gives them an unflattering view of themselves, it might be time for an upgrade.

3. Paid Version of Zoom or Other Video Chat Software

If you’re tired of time limits on video calls and other restrictions, give the gift of a paid subscription to your favourite video chatting platform. Enjoy bigger family chats and no time limits. This can be great for business, too.

4. A new desk lamp

Save your eyes and illuminate your face properly on video calls with better lighting in your home office. This could be a gift to yourself or a loved one who has been struggling with low lighting. This is especially difficult now that it’s getting darker earlier. A lamp with cool toned bulbs that will brighten your workspace, keeping you alert.

5. Blue Light Filter Glasses

Even if your loved one doesn’t need prescription glasses, blue light filtering computer glasses make a great stocking stuff for the person on your list who gets too much screen time!

Check out our blog on saving your eyes for more information!

That’s our 2020 gift guide!

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