10 of the Most Common Office Computer Problems

When you manage or run an office, you’re bound to face your share of computer problems. You, yourself have probably had issues with your system. Whether it’s office-wide or an isolated problem, office computer problems are going to happen.

The good news is you’re not alone! When it comes to dealing with a network of computers – with users of varying skill levels – there will be problems.

Here are 10 of the most common office computer problems (and how to fix/prevent them):

1) Slow Internet

If staff are constantly complaining that webpages are loading slowly, or audio and/or video clips take too long to buffer, they will probably blame slow internet. Before checking the connection, show the employee how to empty their cookies and delete temporary files from the internet. If that doesn’t work, troubleshoot to see if it’s a user error, machine error, or system error. If more than one employee complains of slow internet, it might be a company-wide issue.

2) Computer Won’t Turn On

It can be frustrating to press the power button and have nothing happen. For starters, check to make sure the monitor is on. When you start the computer you should hear the fan and a slight hum. If you can hear it but see nothing on the screen, the problem is likely the monitor. If you hear no noise, even though you’ve pressed the button there is likely an issue with the machine. Before panicking, check the power supply. Is it plugged in? Are the connections tight? It could be a simple fix you can do yourself.

3) Screen Freezes in the Middle of a Project

It never fails, you’re in the middle of typing up an important document or email and the screen freezes! No matter how much to move your mouse around or click on the screen – nothing happens. Computer freezes can be caused by a few different issues – from insufficient RAM to spyware. Unless it unfreezes itself, you may have to just reboot and risk losing your work. Some programs, like Microsoft Word, will recognize that you forced it closed and will reopen your document from where it last auto-saved.

4) Internet Connection Fails

It can be frustrating for office workers when the internet suddenly stops working. This means no email, no online research and no interoffice chat. Dropped internet could mean network problems, a bad connections, or even a virus. Troubleshoot to figure out the culprit.

5) Locked Out of Computer

Did you enter your password incorrect too many times? Is your login mysteriously not working? Sometimes office computers will inexplicably deny you access. You might need tech support to unlock it.

6) Monitor Blank

Is the computer is humming but the screen is black? This is most likely a loose connection. Play with the cord that connects your monitor to your computer and see if that fixes it. Also check the plug that goes into the power source, as that could have been knocked out as well.

7) Noisy

Is the fan loud? Or is there a noise coming from somewhere else? A noisy computer could be a sign of a hardware fail. As for the fan, it could be overworked or dusty. If the computer feels hot to the touch that could be a sign that it’s about to overheat.

8) Can’t Send or Receive Emails

If your internet is working fine, but your email won’t connect, there could be an issue with the email server. If you require a login for your work email, check to make sure it’s correct before troubleshooting.

9) Can’t Print

If you’re trying to print some documents at work and nothing happens, you might not be connected to the right printer. Many offices have several copiers and printers hooked up to the network, so make sure employees know which one is which. If for some reason it still won’t work, get some tech support to help connect you.

10) WiFi Won’t Connect

If you have a company phone or laptop that isn’t plugged into the internet directly, you will need to rely on the WiFi. Quite often when it fails to connect it’s a password issue. Make sure you’ve selected the correct wireless network. Some companies have employee and guest networks – so make sure you choose the right one and put in the correct password.

Some of these common office computer problems can be easily fixed by restarting the machine, or changing the password. But if the problems are persistent and can’t be fixed internally, seek outside help.

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