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Workspace Setup for Students

workspace setups

Whether your kids are returning to the classroom this fall or continuing remote learning at home, having a good workspace setup is important for productivity and physical and mental health. From homework to projects to video chatting with teachers and tutors – having a dedicated study area for kids in your home is beneficial.

We recognize that families live in all types of homes – from apartments or condos to bungalows to large two-storey houses. This means not everyone will have extra rooms to convert into a homework den. That’s okay, because you can create a good workspace anywhere.

Creating an ideal Workplace Setup

Bedroom vs. Homework Nook vs. Office

Lots of families have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the spring, many parents were working from home while their kids were distance learning under the same roof. This meant more internet usage, and possibly, more space-sharing.

I know families who all worked at the same dining room table for months, for lack of a dedicated office space. You just have to make it work, right? That said, if you’re looking for more long-term solutions, here are some options for your kids.

  1. Desk in your child’s bedroom – If you don’t already have a desk in your child or teen’s bedroom, you might have to reconfigure things to make it work. Luckily, today’s computers are compact, so you can get away with a smaller desk. You can also get one with lots of shelves and drawers, in case you have to remove some other storage pieces to make room for the desk. You also want there to be space for your kids to read and write. This means surface space for a notebook and maybe a comfortable chair for reading. Make sure there is a good desk lamp so they have good light. This is ideal if you have more than one child doing remote learning at the same time.
  2. Homework Nook in a common space – Some families use breakfast nooks or kitchen islands (with stools) as homework spaces. You can also create a little workspace setup in the family room, den or basement (if you have one). You can have a proper desk, an ergonomic chair and everything your child needs to facilitate learning in one spot. This is a good way to do it if your kids are young and need help and supervision.
  3. Home office / Study – If you have the space, you could use a spare bedroom or dedicated office room in your home as a study space. You could have one big desk or table that can fit multiple computers on it, or opt for a couple smaller desks within the room. You can configure it in a way that works for your family and your situation. This might not work well if the kids need to be on separate video call sessions at the same time. But if it’s just for homework, projects, essay writing and generally research and studying, this could work well.

Internet and home network

With so many people home together at the same time, your current internet package might not be right for you now. Contact your provider, if you haven’t already, to see what they can do for you. You can also reach out to us, at TwinBytes, to discuss your home network. We can make  sure your kid’s computers are secure and optimized for distance learning.

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