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Working from the Cottage: Tips and Tricks

working from the cottage

Now  that we’re in the midst of summer, many people are thinking about working from the cottage. Since many Canadians are working from home right now, it might as well be where you’re most comfortable.

The trouble is that most properties in cottage country are in remote, rural communities. This means you will not have access to the best internet service available.

Due to covid, you also cannot work out of the library in the closest town because most aren’t allowing people into the building, except to pick up holds.

The other tricky part about working from the cottage is that you’re mixing your workspace with your vacation place. Most people go to their cottages to get away from the pressures of work and city life.

That said, working from the cottage is still possible.

Tips for Working from the Cottage

  1. Internet – Most internet providers won’t sign you up for a couple of months of service. Many will give you a six month package. If you don’t want to get traditional internet (which can be slow in rural areas). Other options include  hubs or sticks, which are portable internet devices. If you have decent data on your phone, or if you want to boost it for a month or so, you can tether your laptop to your phone.
  2. Set up a proper workspace – As idyllic as it seems to sit on your deck or your dock with your laptop and a cold drink, you’re unlikely to get much done with that setup. Try to set up a makeshift office or desk in section of a room. If you can, bring your office chair from home. You want to have an ergonomic setup.
  3. Schedule calls with clients/colleagues – You still need to check in with your clients and/or team. You can use video chat or have your work phone calls transferred to your personal cellphone if you don’t have a company mobile.
  4. Have some vacation time – Outside of your working hours, enjoy yourself. Go swimming, go out in the boat, fish, have a campfire and spend time with your family. You chose to work from the cottage for a reason, so don’t waste it.
  5. Keep a routine – Working from the cottage can be tricky because you will be tempted to play more than work. You also don’t want to work more than you play, thus ruining the experience. The best way to stay on track is to set a schedule. Set an alarm, have breakfast, work for a set period of time, take breaks, and when you “clock out” don’t log back in until the next day. And take weekends off if you can.

TwinBytes offers Remote Assistance

If you’re having trouble setting up your internet or computer at the cottage, it’s okay. You can call us or arrange for a remote session. We’re here to help you were ever you are.

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