Work Remotely Safely: Security that Works Where you are

If you work remotely, say in a coffee shop or hotel when on the road, you want the same level of security you get when connected to your home network. Avast Business CloudCare Security has VPN access (virtual private network) giving you peace of mind that your documents and web activity is secure.

When using public wifi, you want to make sure your devices aren’t vulnerable. While it sounds technical, VPN is easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use it.

Work Remotely – Safely

VPN grants you privacy no matter where you’re logged on. If you’re a sole proprietor, you might have a home office, but you might meet clients off-site or occasionally work in a coffee shop for a change of scenery. Having options is amazing! It’s wonderful that there are so many places with free wifi for customers, but security is an issue for sure.

Secure Browsing

If you’re hooked into free, open wifi, your browsing security only as good as what the internet service provider offers. Because you’re using non-password protected internet, you’re a bit more vulnerable than you would be at home or using VPN.

If you’re wifi at home is password protected, you’re network is safer. But when your using open wifi, it’s less so. It’s fine for casual users, but if you’re working remotely, using VPN will really help.

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