Work Remote: 5 Benefits

For many, working remote is a temporary solution to a current problem. But what if it wasn’t temporary? Many office workers are contemplating a switch to working from home permanently, or at least a hybrid solution.

While the traditional office has its benefits, there is much to be said for working remotely from home. We’re going to examine a few of those benefits in this post.

5 Benefits for Remote Work

  1. You have no commute! Yes, it’s true – the dreaded commute is eliminated once you elect to work from home. This means less time in the car, train, bus or subway. This saves you hours each day. You can get more sleep and have a much more laid back morning once you’ve gotten rid of your commute to work.
  2. A healthier work/life balance. Because you’ve saved so much time, you can dedicate more time to things you enjoy in your personal life. This means more time to spend with friends and family. You can also enjoy more hobbies and downtime when you aren’t working.
  3. Design your own workspace. In an office, you often get what you get. When you’re working from a home office you can move your desk, choose your own chair, and enjoy a corner office with a view if you want. You will likely feel more comfortable working from an office that you yourself got to design.
  4. You will save money. You will save money on gas and transit, as you won’t need to drive or commute to work. You will also save money on takeout food and coffees, as you can make coffee at home and make your own lunches rather than eating out.
  5. Better hours. You might work the same hours, but they will feel better, as your day will start later since you don’t have to factor in your commute. Working remote also means you can spend less time getting ready in the morning. Some workers are lucky enough to be able to change their hours to be more flexible, which helps parents with young kids.

TwinBytes Has Gone 100% Online

TwinBytes is now a remote service. We have gotten rid of our brick and mortar office and are serving our customers virtually from now on. We can still arrange to pick-up and drop off equipment, but there will be no office.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

To mail cheques and parcels, use the following:
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PMB #250
5-200 Green Lane East
East Gwillimbury, ON
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