WiFi health concerns in school – view from a technology expert

As a computer technology expert, author, regular guest speaker on CKWR radio as well as a speaker on Breakfast Television and Rogers Daytime, I write my professional opinion on this issue.

From a recent article in York Region’s paper parents are pulling their kids out of school due to health concerns around the wireless network access (WiFi) in schools.  There are actually two issues to address here which these parents are not considering.

The health concerns of WiFi is one issue to address and is an ongoing study with scientists testing the effects on the human body.  Let’s set that aside for scientist and look at the obvious facts.  The second thing which is more important at this point in time, which is more easily measurable by anyone (non-scientist)…How different is WiFi in schools from your home?

I had a phone conversation today with one of the people in charge of technology at the York Region School Board.  We went through the facts of how wireless is setup in the schools.  We determined that the wireless routers used in schools, which some parents are so worried about, are the exact same wireless routers that are used in their homes and businesses.  Wait…what?  Wireless in schools is the same as in our homes?  OK, so let’s think about this for a minute then.

If parents are pulling their kids out of school because of health concerns of wireless, I wonder if they have WiFi in their homes?  Almost everyone and their grandmother has WiFi now in their homes.  Oh, and if you don’t have it in your homes, your next door neighbour has it.  On both sides of you, the house behind you, and the houses accross the street!  Holly crap!  Not only is this sounding like the same concerns but possibly worse?  You can take your kid out of school, but what are you going to do about your neighbours?  Are you going to threaten all your neighbours to disable their wireless or you will move?  lol, I’m sorry but I have to laugh at this.  OK, let’s take this a step further; Kids typically are in school for 6-7 hours.  How much time do the kids spend at home with their WiFi at home?  At least 8 hours sleeping, plus however many hours playing on their wireless laptop, wireless iPod, iPhone, X Box, Nintendo, etc.  What?  You don’t have wireless at home, but I bet your kids friends do.  “Mom! Can I go over to Jimmy’s house and play?”.  “Sure honey.”  What’s the chances his friend has WiFi?  Unless you move to a deserted island, you’re surrounded by wireless.  Sure, if Wifi is a health hazard, you are healthy living away from it, but you’ll go nuts living in isolation.  I’m sure this whole ordeal is not healthy to go through in itself.  Do you know being stressed is not healthy?

Do you see where we are going here with this?  WiFi is everywhere and no different from what is in the school.  So to take your kids out of school to avoid Wireless (WiFi) is crazy!  You are sacrificing your childrens education, (God help our future leaders!) and they are still being exposed to WiFi in other places they live, play and visit.  So you are still being exposed to the same WiFi (whether a health risk or not) and not only are you still being affected by the WiFi outside of school, but your children are missing out on a proper education.  These children are going to be leaders of our country when we are old farts!  Do you really want uneducated adults leading our country when we are old and relying on them?  I think not.

To wrap up, people are sheep and like to follow enthusiastic people.  I’m sure more than half the parents involved in this campaign is doing it because they are easily manipulated convienced of anything someone is doing with passion.  If the leader is strong enough, they can get many followers.  I ask that anyone who knows parents involed in this protest to please get them to read this or if this article makes sense to you, and you agree with me, please talk some sense into them.  All of our futures depend on these children, so I truly, honestly, sincerely hope these parents will come to their senses.