What Type of Headphones to you Need?

Whether you’re walking in your neighbourhood, working from home or working out, you need a pair of headphones that will work for you.  Not all headphones are created equal, and some types are better than others for specific tasks.

Here we will go through different types of headphones and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. This way you can make an informed decision when shopping.

Four types of headphones

Over ear

Benefits: Over ear units create a more immersive listening experience, allowing you to feel part of the sound. Over ear headphones also have a slightly better sound quality than ear buds.

Drawbacks: They can feel big and bulky on your head, so they aren’t ideal for physical activities such as running.

Ear buds

Benefits: Ear buds are small, so they’re easier to carrying around. You can put them in a purse or backpack or wrap them around your phone. They’re light, so they’re unlikely to break when dropped. Ear buds are also incredibly affordable.

Drawbacks: You tend to get a poorer quality of sound with in-ear buds. They can also be uncomfortable for some people.


Benefits: Wireless ear buds give you the freedom to walk, run, meditate or work without being tangled in a cord. This means you don’t have to worry about being super close to your device for them to work.

Drawbacks: Because they are small, they can be easily lost if you’re not paying attention. They also require charging, so they’re not as convenient as they seem.

Noise cancelling

Benefits: Noise cancelling headphones allow you to block out background noise without requiring you to turn up the sound on your audio. They’re perfect for travelling and studying.

Drawbacks: For starters, these are much more expensive than standard headphones. They also tend to be bulky and heavy, making them uncomfortable to wear. Some people complain about hearing a humming or hissing sound.

Those are just four types to choose from, with some of these overlapping. You have to decide for yourself how much you want to spend and what you ultimately want to get out of this product.

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