What does Facebook have to do with SEO?

I’m getting more requests for people who want their companies to be #1 in the search engines, like I’ve done for my company, however they don’t like the idea of being on Facebook or any other social media network for that matter (such as Twitter, Linked In, and blogger).  So the big question is, how is having my company on Facebook going to help improve business?

Many commercials on TV and advertisments in the newspaper, you will find a little something saying “Find us on Facebook”.  Why are all these huge well known companies going on Facebook?  Is it good for my small business?  How will it help?

If you realize how popular Facebook is, you’ll already have answered your questions.  Also, the people who see your commercials don’t all turn into your customer, but some of them refer your business to their friends.  This is what Facebook does very well.  Here’s how it works.

You post your business on Facebook, link to your Facebook page from your company website.  Your customers who visit your website, and have a Facebook account, can click on the link to your Facebook page and then click on the “like” button to show all their friends that they “like” your business.  This is indirect referals, but also it is another link back to your website which again helps with the search engines.

A great one once said, “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.” Facebook is a huge part of the web and it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity and do everything you can to get your business to the top of the search engines, so when someone searches for your type of business, they find you at the top.

If you are willing to have a personal account on Facebook, you can find all your friends, then, invite them to “like” your Facebook business page.  You’ll be amazed how fast you get followers.

Don’t stop there, post on your Facebook page regularly.  This goes hand in hand with having a blog and writing in to reguarly.  You should post tib bits of information in your Facebook page and links back to your blog articles you write, as well as links back to your website.  Of all the things you can and should do to bring your business to the top of the search engines, Facebook is a key eliment.  Use it, but be careful.   I’m sure we heard both sides of this story…”Don’t mix business and pleasure” but on the other hand “The best business is the one with the personal touch”.  My clients like the personal touch.  Imagine, a computer repair technician who rides a motorcycle and actually enjoys talking with his clients rather than the typical image of someone with a pocket protector that does the work but speaks the least amount necessary.  Ya, I’m the biker in the picture on my website.  Get yourself noticed, and keep it real!  🙂