TwinBytes Gift Guide 2021

Welcome to the 2021 holiday gift guide. Here we will share with you some of the most innovative and creative and useful tech gifts you can give (or receive) this year.

What do you want under your tree this year? Check out our gift guide for plenty of ideas.

2021 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

  1. A smart mug/beverage warmer. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, you often make a cup of coffee or tea and then forget to drink it till it gets cold. With a smart mug or beverage warmer you won’t have that problem anymore. Keep your drink hot for hours with this amazing technology.
  2. Electric bicycle. The pandemic meant more time outdoors for many of us. Electric bicycles have been flying off the shelves this year. Many people want to be able to pedal, but have that backup for when it gets tough! That’s what makes an electric bicycle so unique.
  3. A wireless charging pad. Charge your phone or tablet without plugging it in! A wireless charging pad allows you to charge your device from anywhere.
  4. Nintendo Switch. Play on-the-go or in front of the television with the Nintendo Switch. This is one of the season’s hottest tech gift ideas. There are tons of games, so anyone can enjoy this gaming system.
  5. A Theragun massager. Do you or a loved one have sore muscles from working out? The Theragun massager allows the user to give themselves a deep massage at home.
  6. UV phone cleaner. Our smartphones are actually pretty filthy! A UV cleaner box or vase uses UV light to sanitize your phone. Some of these will charge your device as well, which makes it even better!

Are any of these items on your list this year?


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