Tips for Hosting a Virtual New Year’s Eve Party

With the highly transmissible Omicron variant spreading, you might be having to make the difficult decision to  switch to a virtual New Year’s eve party. While this format might not feel as fun, it’s safer during these difficult times.

A virtual party doesn’t have to be lame. You can do some things to make it festive.

Here are some tips to make it more fun!

Virtual New Year’s Eve Suggestions:

  1. Play Games. Hosting a virtual game night is easy. You can use a video conferencing program, such as Zoom to play. There are third party game providers you can use. You can play trivia and other fun party games.
  2. Have a Cocktail Party. What’s a Virtual New Year’s Eve party without drinks? Have everyone pop some champagne or mix up a cocktail or mocktail and join the chat. Look up some festive recipes to make it more fun.
  3. Dress Up Fancy. Just because you aren’t going out for New Year’s doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Put on a shirt and tie or a sparkly dress.
  4. Do a Countdown. Stream the NYE countdown live so you can all ring in the new year together, but apart.
  5. Have a Movie Night. Maybe you want to do something a bit more lowkey. Host a movie night as party of your virtual New Year’s. There are several platforms you can use to watch the same movie together in different homes.

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