Texting is for children

Texting is for kids. Seriously, let me explain. When it comes to business, managers, sales reps and business owners usually have a Blackberry (like myself) or an iPhone or some smartphone that accepts email. So first off, you should be emailing them so they get your message not only while they are anywhere in the world with their smartphone, but they will also get it in their computer when they check their email later. If you send a text, they will not get it in their email on the computer, once texts are read, they are not always looked at again later as there are an overwelming amount of emails usually to go through, not including spam. So texts are the lowest priority. Always send an email.

So, why is texting for kids? Well, although many kids have smartphones today (lucky brats!), they insist on texting. Compulsive texting at that. Because they don’t which one of their friends have a smartphone versus a regular cell phone, they just use text for everything. If they only knew, if they had an email account setup, they could easily write more messages back and forth to each other in a single messages, and it wouldn’t cost anything per message. Also, if you have a Blackberry, you can use BBM(Black Berry Messenger) for free. It’s included with the device. Because they are kids, their is no business involved, no priority levels. It’s just casual chat back and forth.

So if you are in business, or trying to contact a business, either pickup the phone and call them or send an email to their professional work address so it gets the proper attention. For example, if I was on vacation and you email me, you’d get an out of office response (although I haven’t taken a vacation since I started the business). But when I’m away, I can forward my emails to another tech to help me out while I’m away. (Trust me, next July I’m taking 2 weeks off!) If you text me, you would have no clue why I’m not responding, and the tech covering for me wouldn’t know you’re contacting me either.

So unless you’re a child, or just trying to text your wife because she doesn’t have a smart phone and she doesn’t have voicemail on her cell phone to leave a message, and she never seems to answer the phone… (what? Is it only my wife?…. lol), DON’T SEND TEXT MESSAGES PEOPLE!. (Oh ya, I did it…ALL CAPS BABY!!!) Call someone on the phone, leave a voicemail or send an email. If all those options are exhausted, then go ahead and send a text.