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Technology Invented by Canadians

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There have been so many wonderful, fascinating and useful things invented by Canadians, it’s mind blowing! There might be some innovations that you’re aware of – that you learned in school – but there are others you probably didn’t know about.

Since TwinBytes is a proud Canadian company that specializes in computers, software and networking, we will focus mostly on innovations related to that – dipping into the realm of telecommunications.

Technology Invented by Canadians

  1. Telephone – Thanks to Scottish-Canadian, Alexander Graham Bell, we have the telephone. And while many of us don’t use a landline these days, the internet, cellular phones, tablets and more wouldn’t have been possible without that initial invention. The internet relies on phone lines to connect and share information. Remember when your modem used to make those horrible noises when dialling up? Today, our phones are basically mini computers that also make calls, if you want.
  2. The Pager – Between Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and the mobile devices we know and love today there were other communication devices invented by Canadians – including the pager. Pagers were marketed to professionals (doctors, business people, etc.) but also for personal use. Though this technology has gone the way of the dinosaur’s, its inventor, Alfred J. Gross, was a pioneer in modern telecommunication. The pager was just one of his inventions.
  3. Search Engine – Today, we literally Google everything. Don’t know something? Google it. While a Canadian didn’t start Google, one did invent the first search engine called Archie in 1988 and it was invented by Canadian Alan Emtage at McGill University. Can you imagine saying, “Archie it” the way we say “Google it”?
  4. Java Script – Computer programmers are definitely familiar with the Java programming language. Though it was invented in California in the early 90s and released in 1995, it’s inventor, James Gosling, was born in Alberta.
  5. The Track-Ball – Though truly invented by a British Naval Scientist during the post-WWII era, the project was kept under wraps and never released. However, a group of Canadians brought the idea home for its own military use. Today, we know the track-ball as a controlling method on video game controllers, laptop computers, mice and some mobile phones.

Which invention surprised you the most?

While many of us knew about Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, we likely didn’t know much about who invented the track-ball. That’s probably not something you think about very often.

As we know, technology is ever-evolving. At TwinBytes, we do our best to stay on top of what’s new, what’s changing and what’s obsolete. If you want to upgrade your systems, contact us today!