Technology and your Will when you die

I don’t do Wills and Estate’s, although I can refer a good lawyer.  However, I do know that with the ever expanding use of technology, so deeply embedded in our lives, there’s something new to consider when updating your Will.

Since there is so much information online about us including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, and more, did you ever consider what might happen to these online accounts about you when you die?

Bloomberg wrote a great article (linked below) about this very topic.  These online services have created policies in which you can not easily just have a friend or loved one sign in as your account and then delete the account.  As simple and ridiculous as it sounds, someone has thought this through from a more legal perspective.

Your lawyer should be able to include how your social media accounts are handled in your Will.  Your online data may include more than just information like Facebook, but could be products like iTunes Music, subscriptions, etc.  All of which are specified in the terms of some of these vendors to be terminated upon proof of your death.

Is technology making life easier, or is it slowly destroying us? Are these more efficient times truly better than the more simpler times?  It’s certainly faster and easier to inform the world of what’s going on all around the world.