Tech Wish List Holiday 2018

Tomorrow is December 1st, so if you haven’t written your letter to Santa by now, it’s time to start. Write out your tech wish list ASAP to ensure you find the latest gadgets and accessories under the tree or for Hanukkah!

If you’re not sure what you want yet, or you’re shopping for someone else, check out our list of popular items for the 2018 holiday season for some ideas.

Tech Wish List 2018

1. Photo storage

While the advent of the digital camera and the camera phone has saved us space in our homes (fewer photo albums), they have taken up space on our hard drives. Now that we’ve been saving photos for decades – from daily snaps to vacation photos – it’s time to clear off the computer! The Photo Stick is a compact USB stick that can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos!

2. Wireless earbuds

You don’t have to be an Apple user to enjoy the freedom of wireless earbuds! Plenty of companies have developed their own that are compatible with multiple devices.These are great for music lovers and public transit users!

3. Intelligent Personal Assistants

While last year Google Home and Amazon Echo were THE gifts of the season, this year Google has elevated the technology and introduced the Google Home Hub for 2018. More than a smart speaker, the Hub has a touch screen that allows you to watch YouTube videos, sync your Google photos, and more!

4. VR at Home

2018 was the year of Virtual Reality! So many tech companies have come out with their own at-home VR headset so players can experience augmented reality in the privacy of their own home. While many VR arcades have opened up, many will be looking for their own under the tree this year!

5. Smart doorbell

Home tech is still huge right now! Smart doorbells are giving homeowners peace of mind that they know who’s at their door. Smart doorbells allow homeowners to see who’s at the door and even answer it if you set it up to do so. When you’re not home, it’s a great way to keep an eye on your house.

These are of course just a few trending tech items from the past year. What’s on your tech wish list? Did we miss something big?

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