Tech Gift Guide for Gadget Geeks and Computer Nerds

Christmas is coming soon, so if you haven’t bought all your gifts yet here is a tech gift guide to help you find the most popular gadgets and computer related items for those special people on your list.

Home tech and gadgets are always popular gifts during the holiday season. People often want these things, but cannot justify buying them for themselves. They range from fun frivolous gadgets to immensely practical  items. The pricing also ranges from stocking stuffer to big gift for a close loved one.

Without further adieu, here it is:

2019 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Battery powered bluetooth speaker

Have the portability of travel speakers with the sound quality of an in-home sound system with high-quality, battery powered bluetooth speakers. Sonos has released speakers you can move around your home, so you can play music where you want it.

Desk lamp speaker

Ikea has entered the smart home game by partnering with Sonos to develop a lamp speaker. Add it to a bookshelf for light, style and sound. If you know someone who loves Ikea’s sleek, Scandinavian style, this lamp will fit right in with the rest of the decor.

Smart alarm clock

If you know someone who likes having a bedside clock, but mostly relies on their cellphone alarm to wake them in the morning, a smart alarm clock might be the perfect gift. Many of these clocks do more than just display the time. They can show you the weather, link to your smart phone and play music.

Wireless Earbuds

Though wireless earbuds aren’t new for 2019, they are gaining popularity. Yes, Apple AirPods are the most sought after version, there are plenty of quality alternatives that are more affordable. These are great for the gym, the train, the bus or walking the dog.

Computer and Cyber security devices

TwinBytes knows all too well how often data breaches and computer hacks can occur. It’s sadly the new normal thanks to our reliance on technology and the prevalence of cyber crime. You or your loved ones don’t have to be a victim. Purchase security devices, such as the YubiKey or reach out to us to discuss our recommendations for security software.

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