Support Local Businesses

Now more than ever it’s important that you support local businesses in your community. Small businesses are being affected tremendously by the COVID-19 situation. Even businesses that are allowed to operate in some capacity are affected due to decreased sales and lower demand for specific products and services right now.

As a small business in the York Region, TwinBytes understands how much support from the community means. So, if you’d like to see your favourite businesses survive, you need to do your part.

That said, we understand that not everyone is in the financial position right now to be ordering takeout or shopping online or arranging curbside pickup. The good news is that you can still support local businesses without spending a dime.

Ways to Support Local Businesses for Free

  1. Follow on Social Media – By following a local business you like and support on social media you are helping grow that business’s network. It will show up on your friends’ accounts that you follow that particular business, which might compel them to like it, too. The bigger the social network, the more reach a business has.
  2. Share, Like and Comment on Posts – In addition to following businesses you like, you should like, share and comment on posts. Obviously, only do this on posts you like or have something to contribute to. If you already like the business, then you’ll likely to enjoy the content they put out. Participate in contents and add authentic comments that are positive and uplifting.
  3. Subscribe to the Newsletter or Mailing List – If you want weekly or monthly recaps or updates on what’s going on with the business, subscribe to their newsletter or sign up for the mailing list. In some cases this could get you exclusive access to sales or deals, or be the first to know about a new product or service launch. Even if you cannot spend money now, it could benefit you in the near future.
  4. Tell a Friend about the Business – Lots of people want to support local businesses right now, so spread the word. Tell your friends and family about your favourite shop, restaurant or service. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about local businesses. If your friends trust and value your opinions, they’ll be more likely to check out your recommendations.
  5. Leave a Review! – Whether you leave a review on Google or Facebook or Yelp, your opinion matters. As long as you leave an honest and sincere review of the business, others will see it and base their shopping choices off of what people like you have said. Remember to be specific in your review. Tell potential customers about the service you received and why you’ll go back.

Support Us!

If you want to support TwinBytes you can follow our social media accounts, such as Facebook and YouTube. Share our blogs and videos with your network and sign up for our newsletter.

During Covid-19 we are an essential business and offer many services remotely.

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