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Summer Vacation Photo Tips

summer vacation

Summer vacation time is here! Whether you’re headed to the family cottage or on a road trip across the country, the best way to preserve these holiday memories is to take pictures.

While you might not be a photographer, you can still improve your skills behind the camera – even if that camera is your phone. With these tips, you will be able to produce more interesting photos for the family album or photo book.

How to take better summer vacation photos

Have people in them

While you’ll want to capture the scenery for sure, take some photos with your travelling companions. You will want to remember not just what you saw and did, but who you were with. If you’re travelling solo, take a selfie or ask someone to take your photo so you’ll have a photo of yourself, too.

Take advantage of good light

You don’t have to use flash photography if the natural light is good. Early morning and dusk are both excellent times to take photos. Dusk is also known as the “Golden hour” in photography because the lighting is perfect. People always look better when photographed when the light is low on the horizon. Noon light is bright and harsh and can cast shadows you won’t like.

Take some candid shots

While you can do some posed photos in front of things and group shots, but try just clicking away. The beauty of digital is you can take lots of photos and delete some, so you have a better chance of capturing a great moment.

Try different angles

If you want to capture as much as possible, try a variety of angles and positions. Back up for a wide view, and zoom in for some closeups. Look up and down to capture unique views. You could even lay on your stomach to get stuff that’s lower to the ground.

Edit, but don’t over edit

You can use photo editing software to enhance your summer vacation photos, but be careful not to overdo it. You want them to look natural and beautiful, but not cartoonish, overly saturated or muted. Be subtle with your editing. Just add a bit of brightness or contrast when needed.

Where are you going on your summer vacation?

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