RIM was down for a few days…

RIM was down for a few days which explains why none of us could receive emails on our Blackberries recently.  They are fully operational again now but in the mean time, what has this done to RIM?  This outage was global, not just a local server that went down.  Below is a link to The Globe and Mail with a full report.


Regardless of this issue, I still feel the Blackberry by RIM, is a solid product.  They just happened to have a huge problem which lasted a few days.  Same as if your computer went down for a few days.  Eventually you are up and running again, and it doesn’t matter what smart phone you have you could have the same issue at some point in time.  Eventually, another provider will have a glitch, but it probably won’t make as big of a headline as RIM, simply because RIM is a technology giant.  They just have a greater chance of being heard when they screw up.  I guess I’m on RIM’s side here, yes they screwed up, but I’ll always be a loyal Blackberry user.

I check my Blackberry constantly for messages when I’m not in the office, and I have to admit it was a little frustrating wondering why I’m not getting any emails but then when I get to the office, there they are!  I knew something was up but I didn’t know right away what happened.  Now that I know what happened, I’m not as worried or frustrated.  It was  a temporary issue which is now resolved.

Daniel Gauthier is a computer repair technician and technology consultant with Twinbytes Inc.  Find more information about Twinbytes and how to contact Daniel at www.twinbytes.ca