RBC: Sign-In Protection (Hoax)

I just received the follow hoax/scam in my email I wanted to share with you all. Please note if you receive an email from your bank (or what looks like from your bank) saying to click on a link, don’t do it! It’s a hoax. Your bank would never send you an email. Below is a perfect example. The links (if you hover your mouse over them without clicking) show that they are direcing you to the following URL: http://estudiobarrientos.com/media/system/js/www1.royalbank.com/index.html which is actually www.estudiobarrientos.com having a webpage that looks like Royal Bank sign in. If you enter your login information they will capture it, and use it to log into your account as you on the real Royal Bank website. Then they can transfer your money to their account. Please be careful and if you see an email like this below, do not click on the links. Just delete the email.

RBC Royal Bank Customer,

Your account was recently accessed from a location we’re
not familiar with. Please review the activity details below:

Location: Germany
Time: Today at 12:10am EST
Location estimated based on IP=

“That was me.” “That was NOT me.”
If anything looks unfamiliar, RBC will help you secure
your account to prevent people in the future from
accessing your account without permission.
Royal Bank Online Security