Protect your laptop from spills

keyboard-coverMany people know there are keyboard covers for desktop computers, but not many people seem to know there are keyboard covers for laptops, and why they are so important for certain people.

Many are custom built for your specific laptop, but some are universal if you can find one local to you.

The reason you would need one for a laptop, more importantly over a desktop keyboard, is because the entire computer guts are located under that keyboard.  If you have young kids, or you drink around your laptop, you could have a spill.  If you spill a drink or liquid of any kind on a laptop, it can go through the keyboard, not only damaging the keyboard which could be a $150 fix; the liquid could go down below the keyboard and destroy the main board (motherboard) which basically (usually) means an entire new laptop, unless it is under warranty.  But not all laptops have a warranty that covers accidental spills.  Even if you think you are covered under warranty, you may not be unless you have accidental coverage.