Physical Distancing and Staying Connected

By now you’ve probably heard it hundreds of times – practice physical distancing and stay home as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is likely a huge source of stress in your household. You might be feeling lonely, bored or confined. The best remedy for this is to try to stay connected with your world. Thankfully technology is available to help you to work and play during this crisis without leaving the safety of your home.

5 Ways to Practice Physical Distancing while remaining social and connected

  1. Work from home – If your job can be done from home, you are likely already doing this.  Not everyone finds working from home comfortable. You might have kids that are home, or you might not have a dedicated home office set up. Many workplaces are using video chat platforms, such as Zoom to conduct meetings and sessions. Stores such as Office Depot are offering online shopping and curbside pick-up options if you need some supplies to work from home, such as printers, scanners, desks, office chairs and the like. TwinBytes can help you upgrade software and many of our services can be done remotely, so we don’t have to enter your home.
  2. Studying –  Since The Government of Ontario has ordered schools closed, many teachers and parents are adjusting to this new normal. In addition to at-home learning resources providing by the Ministry of Education, there are other online tools available to supplement official resources. For younger kids, there are plenty of printable activity sheets you can get online for free or for minimal costs. You can also support your local book store by placing an online order for books or requesting a contactless pick-up/drop-off.
  3. Socializing – While you can use Zoom or Google Hangouts to chat with your friends, the Houseparty app takes it a step further by allowing you to play games with your friends during the chat. Host a trivia night or pictionary for truly interactive chat sessions.
  4. Family time – Physical distancing means not getting to be with family who do not live in our household. In addition to the video chats mentioned above, families can spend time together by hosting movie nights using Netflix Party or Kast. Kids can watch movies with cousins and grandparents. Make some popcorn and have a family movie night apart.
  5. Travel the world – You can’t travel right now – at least not physically – but you can still connect with the world. Many tourist attractions are now offering virtual tours. See Paris, Italy, Spain, Australia, Greece and more!

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Stay safe and healthy – and contact us if you require remote support during this difficult time.