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Password 101: Tips and Tricks to Stay Secure


These days literally everything we do on our computers – especially online – is password protected. When it comes to protecting office computers, it’s especially important that all staff use secure passports to protect not only their machines, but the entire network.

While plenty of security features can be put in place, the password truly is the first line of defence.

When it comes to ensuring the passwords are effective, there are things you can do, and things your team members can do to improve security.

1. Give passwords and expiry date

Many companies set up employee computers to have expiring passwords every 90 days. A few days prior to the expiration date users will be prompted to change their passwords to something unique from the previous one.

2. Avoid birthdays, names and ages

This one might seem obvious – but so many people choose familiar words and numbers when creating a new password. While some programs and websites rank the strength of your chosen password, not all do.

3. The longer, the better

If the program allows it, make your password around 12 characters long. The longer the password, the harder it is to break.

4. Use numbers, letters and symbols when possible

Some passwords have to have both upper and lowercase letters, and some have to have numbers. Even if it’s not required, you should use numbers and symbols if the program allows it.

5. Choose a non-traditional spelling for a common word or phrase

Take a simple word, such as “Password” and type it like this:


This of course only works if the program allows special characters and symbols. Obviously, you should use a word a little more cleaver than “password,” but you get the idea.

6. Don’t write it down

If you can avoid it, don’t write your password down. This is why it’s wise to use a common word spelled strangely. This way you can remember it.

7. Enlist help

If you want to implement more secure password protections, contact TwinBytes to learn more about network and web security.

Protect your business, your property and your staff by getting smart about password protection and online security.