New Customer? Get a Free Book!

free book

New TwinByte customers will receive a free book with any service!

Tech-Knowlegy by Daniel Gauthier is a go-to guide to help you problem solve and troubleshoot your computer issues before calling for back up. This is particular useful for our residential clients with modest household budgets.

Your free book will come as an e-book that you can read on a computer, phone or tablet. This book is a tool to help you better understand your needs. Learn the language so you won’t get confused or frustrated when dealing with computer repair technicians.

The TwinBytes Difference

At TwinByes, we understand that in this modern world you cannot afford to lose any of that precious data off your hard drive. While others might tell you they had to wipe your system clean, and that it’s your fault for not backing it up, we know that isn’t true. We work hard to save your data and get you back up and running.

Many of our clients are small, home-based businesses. The computer might be for both work and personal uses. Your treasured family photos and important work documents are safe with us.

Nominate TwinBytes

If you are already a satisfied TwinBytes customer, consider nominating us for the Markham Economist and Sun Readers’ Choice Awards. Follow the LINK and read the instructions. Complete the survey by nominating at least 25 businesses in the various categories. TwinBytes belongs under Best Business Services > Computer Repair. We thank you in advance!

If you have any questions about our computer and networking services, contact us today!

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