Myth – My calendar/email is web based so I don’t have to backup!

Wrong!  You can see an example here that someone hacked into another’s Gmail account and deleted all their contacts.

Also, other examples of online information mysteriously being deleted:

Google deleted my blog on because they claimed it was due to spam.  When I went to restore it with the option when I login, it says a robot automatically tagged it as spam and most likely accidently since I’m a person reading this.  It read that they would review my blog and then release it to me, at least temporarily so I can get my information back.  It’s been a while and still not released and others claimed the same issue.  I’m really upset with Google about how they seem to be doing this to so many people, so now I’m anti-Google.  I’m a BING user now.  GO BING!  At least Microsoft provides phone and email support that is easily accessible to the public and technicians.  Google never answers their phone when I call and they have no email support besides reporting issues, and although I’ve reported my blog issue, and my business directory listing issue, they have not fixed it yet.

Bottom line is, backup everything, no matter what, and backup often.  Don’t be ignorant, or you could be screwed!